Why should you advertise with us?

We are a family run business that has been established for almost 17 years. We pride ourselves on offering a low cost effective platform to help promote local businesses and their services directly to homes and businesses across the Cheshire area. We are a daughter and father team and can assist you with all aspects of your advertising needs. Our magazines have gained credibility over the years with our readers and helped numerous businesses gain more customers, with many of them still advertising with us today!

Does print advertising still have a place in a digital world?

Yes - Getting found in print can be seen as a safer and more credible way of being discovered by potential customers. Pop-up ads, viruses and scams can make people more cautious of online ads, whereas print adverts help to instil trust and familiarity within a magazine that is widely recognised in the local community.

Being seen in our magazines is also a great way to raise awareness of what you do, and more importantly, be remembered so that when someone needs a product or service you can offer, you become their first choice.

Our magazines are also online every month too, so advertisers will benefit from automatically being included in these as well, giving you the best of both worlds!

Are our magazines produced every month?

Yes - We produce 5 high quality A5 magazines for Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Congleton, Winsford & Northwich areas every single month - 12 magazines over the year for each area!

How many homes & businesses do you cover?

Our 5 magazines are circulated to over 50,000 different homes and businesses across Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Congleton, Winsford & Northwich areas.

How does your distribution work?

We produce a brand new publication every single month for each of our 5 magazine areas. Our Holmes Chapel magazine hits the same homes every month. With the larger towns for Sandbach, Congleton, Winsford & Northwich, we have a rotating distribution to cover a larger area over a 2 month cycle.

Sandbach Directory - 10,800 homes (5,500 homes month 1, different 5,300 homes month 2).

Holmes Chapel Directory - 4,800 homes (same homes each month).

Congleton Directory - 10,900 homes (5,500 homes month 1, different 5,400 homes month 2).

Winsford Directory - 10,900 homes (5,600 homes month 1, different 5,300 homes month 2).

Northwich Directory - 12,200 homes (6,200 homes month 1, different 6,000 homes month 2).


Why do you rotate your distribution in the larger towns?

We have been running our magazines for nearly 17 years, and have always operated our distribution this way and found it to be very effective.

Here are the reasons why:-

Distributing our magazines this way ensures maximum coverage across the areas, it allows us to keep our advertising costs low, and our rates the same across all of our publications.

It also increases the longevity of your advert in our magazines, as readers keep hold of their copy until the next one is delivered.

It ensures that we are playing our part in being kinder to the environment, by helping to reduce wastage from our magazines and not overloading peoples letterboxes.

We are trying to balance staying as cost effective as we can for our advertisers, whilst reducing our impact on the environment for our customers.

In summary it’s a WIN WIN for advertisers and readers alike!

In our turbulent market, why is a regular advertising presence still so important?

It is important to advertise when your busy, and even more important for when you’re not, to ensure your brand has a regular presence in the marketplace and is at the forefront of peoples minds when they need your services.

Credibility. Before you can get customers to commit to a product or service, you must convince them of the credibility of the product or service. By repeating an ad campaign several times, the advertiser creates a sense of familiarity that in the long run can turn into credibility.


Many of our advertisers have been with us since year one and have built successful profitable businesses based on just advertising in our magazines.

We can help your business keep a presence through these tougher times by offering advertising packages to suit every budget. We also offer flexible payment options too, so please get in touch to see how we can help you through these challenging times.