For  your security before you can create a listing you need to be a user and will be requested to log in/register when you create/amemd  your listing.

Only you and the Administrator will have access to create/amend your listings.

Business Directory tab
Create New listing
Select main business category
Select listing fee type
Fill in form
(Billing contact details will not be shown in web listing)
Do recaptcha
Add images
(Most image formats are supported, PDF's are not) contact us if you have any problems.
Submit listing

What next
Email is sent to you saying listing submission received and will be actioned within 48hrs.
Website admin will review listing and if OK approve it.
Dependant on fee plan admin will mail you asking for additional listing categories/details of online web adverts and invoicing details. (If free plan this step will be skipped)
When the listing is approved and activated it will show on the website.
A new confirmation email will be sent to you.
At any point you can login and amend/update your listing details (After changes your revised listing will not show until approved).
If you wish to upgrade your fee plan you will need to contact Admin.

Your Customers
Once your listing is published customers can view listings and contact/send an enquiry email directly to you.